" I want to complement you and your company for the quality of your work, also for your true courtesy and friendliness. When we had an emergency, or what seemed to us, ABBA Roller took care of the work which was for recoating a particular roller set, that they had already had the backup set in travel to them. The turnaround time was outsatanding. … Your Specification Sheets that we receive with each 'Re-coating' is very efficient. It is good also for the journal work that needs to be done occasionally. "
Purchase Agent, San Diego, CA

Stripping / Sandblasting

Each roller is completely stripped to the core, inspected for core damage, knurled and sandblasted.



Unlike most rubber roller companies, ABBA mills all of its own compounds internally to ensure only the highest grade materials are used. The majority of these compounds have been developed over 40 years of R&D. Exacting procedures and precise formulas ensure product consistency.


Research & Development

Crucial to the quality of our rollers, our laboratory offers a dual purpose:

  1. verifying quality consistencies between compound batches before rollers are covered and
  2. custom compounding.

This high tech laboratory is equipped with all of the necessary instruments to formulate specifically designed compounds for the most demanding applications. We encourage our customers to partner with our chemists in the development of new compounds.

Every batch of rubber made at ABBA Roller LLC is subjected to a battery of tests that stress the material to the point of destruction, graph the results and compare them against a baseline. Any batch failing to perform for any reason is discarded.


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