" Our operation requires defect free manufacturing equipment in order to produce defect free products for our customers. You and your capable staff have provided us with the highest quality products which has helped us to achieve this requirement. Because we operate 24 hours per day, your adherence to delivery schedules is crucial. We have not been disappointed even though there have been times when we have placed unusual conditions for you to meet Again, thanks... "
Engineering Specialist, Camarillo, CA

Quality Assurance

Rigorous final inspection

Complete outgoing inspection including a review and verification of customer special instructions is performed on all rollers before they leave ABBA Roller. T.I.R., durometer, diameter, journal specifications, profilometer specifications and magnified visual inspection for any surface imperfections are checked and all data is permanently recorded.


Laser Inspection Unit

ABBA's laser technology

For our high precision customers who require complete critical reporting on the final inspection status of their roll a precise laser measuring device is used. As the roll is slowly rotated on precision bearings or centers, the lasers sweep from end to end precisely measuring the surface of the roll 3-dimensionally.

Mapping a roll for micro-precision

A report is then generated which literally maps the surface as measured. These reports will soon be available to customers from a secure location on this website.


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